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kiddin me; Okonjo-Iweala says Nigeria Has 76% Of ECOWAS Economy lols

Minister of Finance and Co-ordinating Minister for the Economy, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, said yesterday, that Nigeria’s economy constituted 76 per cent of the economy of Economic Community of West African States, ECOWAS.

Okonjo-Iweala who made the assertion at a news conference on the WEF, said that aside from the ECOWAS economy, Nigeria also held 30 per cent of the economy in sub-Saharan Africa and 21 per cent of Africa’s economy. The minister said that it was, therefore, meaningful that the economic forum on Africa was being held in Nigeria.

According to her, the meeting was in line with efforts to ensure that we have inclusive growth in the country. Okonjo-Iweala explained that the sessions at the forum would dwell on issues that would enunciate the best ways to ensure that jobs were created in Africa to help reduce inequality. Other issues that the forum would focus on, she said, included skills creation and better service by public workers.

She added that civil society groups and the private sector would participate in all activities at the forum, adding that many initiatives which would be highly beneficial to Nigeria would be floated at the sessions of the forum.

She said, “there are specific things that will be of benefit to us as Nigeria for the forum being held here. The first is that there are several initiatives; we have the Grow Africa Initiative which is for funding of agriculture in the continent. They have been able to raise about N7 billion investments and about half of it will be coming to Nigeria and also the healthcare initiative designed to strengthen access to health care which many of it will be coming to Nigeria.

“A skills initiative is being launched by WEF and within that, we are going to see a new initiative of Safe Schools being launched by the private sector in Nigeria. Aliko Dangote, Nduka Obaigbena together with Mr. Gordon Brown, former British Prime Minister and UN Secretary-General’s Envoy on Education, would take charge of the session.”
do anyone believe???

police offers N50M REWARD on information about the ABDUCTED GIRLS

The Nigeria Police hereby announce a cash reward of Fifty Million Naira (N50, 000, 000.00) to anyone who volunteers credible information that will lead to the location and rescue of the female students abducted from Government Girls Secondary School, Chibok, Borno State. The Force urges all patriotic citizens with such useful information to contact the following numbers:


While calling on the general public to be part of the solution to the present security challenge, the Police High Command also reassures all citizens that any information given would be treated anonymously and with utmost confidentiality.


Al Qaeda Members Disown Boko Haram- New York Times

As word spread like wildfire on Twitter and Facebook that Nigerian militants were preparing to auction off more than 200 kidnapped schoolgirls in the name of Islam, a very different Internet network started quietly buzzing too.

“Such news is spread to taint the image of the Mujahedeen,” wrote one dubious poster on a web forum used by Islamic militants whose administrator uses a picture of Osama bin Laden. “I have brothers from Africa who are in this group,” attested another, insisting that they were like “the Quran walking the earth.”

Boko Haram, the cultlike Nigerian group that carried out the kidnappings, was rejected long ago by mainstream Muslim scholars and Islamist parties around the world for its seemingly senseless cruelty and capricious violence against civilians. But this week its stunning abduction appeared too much even for fellow militants normally eager to condone terrorist acts against the West and its allies.

“There is news that they attacked a girls’ school!” another astonished poster wrote on the same jihadi forum, suggesting delicately that Boko Haram may perhaps be killing too many noncombatants instead of armed enemies. He prayed that God would “hold them steady to the path” of Islam.

The dismay of fellow jihadists at the innocent targets of Boko Haram’s violence is a reflection of the increasingly far-flung and ideologically disparate networks of Islamist militancy, which now include the remnants of Bin Laden’s puritanical camps, Algerian cigarette smugglers and a brutal Somalian offshoot.

“The violence most of the African rebel groups practice makes Al Qaeda look like a bunch of schoolgirls,” said Bronwyn Bruton, an Africa scholar at the Atlantic Council in Washington. “And Al Qaeda at this point is a brand — and pretty much only a brand — so you have to ask yourself how they are going to deal with the people who are doing things so hideous even the leaders of Al Qaeda are unwilling to condone them.”

Boko Haram is in many ways an awkward ally for any of them. Its violence is broader and more casual than Al Qaeda or other jihadist groups. Indeed, its reputation for the mass murder of innocent civilians is strikingly inconsistent with a current push by Al Qaeda’s leaders to avoid such deaths for fear of alienating potential supporters. That was the subject of the dispute that led to Al Qaeda’s recent break with its former affiliate, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

What’s more, Boko Haram’s recruits and targets have always been purely local, not international. And the group is centered on a messianic leader who claims to speak with God and demands that its adherents surrender all their possessions to the group, resembling a cult, like Uganda’s Lord’s Resistance Army, more than it does an orthodox Islamist movement.

But Boko Haram and Al Qaeda’s affiliates have both overlooked those differences to cultivate an alliance of convenience, papering over disagreements in tactics and values while emphasizing shared principles. They have reaped the propaganda value of association with each other’s deadly exploits, and in limited instances perhaps even trained or collaborated together.
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Their partnership demonstrates a centripetal force pulling together even disparate insurgencies against common foes. And, scholars say, Boko Haram now also represents a growing challenge to Al Qaeda as it seeks to cultivate more such affiliates among loosely Muslim or Islamist insurgencies across Africa, almost all of them far more brutally violent than even the acolytes of Bin Laden can accept.

First formed in the early 2000s, Boko Haram grew out of an ultraconservative Islamic movement of well-educated students. The group grew overtly political only later, under the leadership of its charismatic founder, Mohamed Yusuf.

Its nickname in the African language of Hausa, Boko Haram, is usually roughly translated to mean that “deceptive” or “Western” education is “forbidden.” But scholars say that the phrase had a kind of double meaning that was at once religious and social in the context of northern Nigeria.

Western education was available only to a very small elite who typically traveled to British universities and then returned to rule from the capital over the impoverished North, and ending the tyranny of that elite was the main objective of Mr. Yusuf’s movement.

Mr. Yusuf and Boko Haram tapped into growing anger among northern Nigerians at their poverty and lack of opportunity as well as the humiliating abuses of the government’s security forces, said Paul Lubeck, a professor at the University of California, Santa Cruz, who studies the group. At first, even as Boko Haram turned to violent opposition to the government, the group avoided civilian casualties.


wale and olamide is expected to drop a hit this summer as tweeted by the American based rapper!!Both were seen in the mavin studio during wale last vist to NIGERIA!expect a monster hit soon probably produced by Don jazzy!

DAVIDO lashes Immigration Officers!

O.B.O missed his fight logged into his IG account and makes mockery of immigration officers!lol easy tiger


The Northern Nigeria chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) says it suspects a conspiracy regarding the abducted girls of Government Girls Secondary School in Chibok, Borno State, involving Governor Kashim Shettima, the Commissioner for Education, the Principal of the school and the Chief Security Officer (CS0).

Among others, in a statement issued today, it noted that neither the daughters of the teachers nor of the Principal were abducted.

In the statement, signed by the Secretary-General, Prof. Daniel Babayi, and the Public Relations Officer, Sunday Oibe, CAN asked whether the governor has set up any panel since the abduction of the girls three weeks ago to investigation the matter.

It also asked:

How did the 353 female students disappear from the school into thin air?
Why did the Borno State Commissioner for Education, Principal, Vice-Principal and Chief Security Officer, all Muslims, ignore the valid advice of WAEC on the security implication of writing exams in the school and the need to have a centre where the children’s life will be secured?
How did Boko Haram carry over 200 students and their food stolen by these criminals from the school? Was it carried with trailer?
Why is it that since this issue came up, no single photograph of the abducted children was made public by the school authorities? After all, they were preparing for exams and may have submitted their photographs.
Where were the daughters of the Principal, Vice Principal and Chief Security Officer when the abduction took place?
CAN suggested that the entire matter might be a “political gimmick to carry out a political conspiracy against these daughters of Nigerians, future mothers of Nigeria and citizens who are wants to be leaders of tomorrow.”

It would be recalled that in a video released yesterday, Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau claimed responsibility for the abductions, saying he would sell the girls.

In a statement issued on behalf of CAN three days ago, Evangelist Matthew Owojaiye of the Old Time Revival Hour Church in Kaduna has published a list of 180 girls he claimed to be the abducted.

Text of the press statement by Northern Nigeria CAN ABOVE


Fast-rising singer, Skales is now the newest CEO in town following the birth of his new record label called ‘OHK Music’.

According to the 23-year-old fashionable musician, who has now joined the long lists of artistes setting up their own music label, ‘OHK Music’ will cater for music production, songwriting, music promotions, as well as music publishing for all acts signed to the label.
To wrap it all, the youngster released a new single entitled ‘Shake Body’ under his new label, which was produced by Jay Pizzle.

Skales revealed that ‘Shake Body’ is a dance track that will surely find its way to the clubs in no time.

Raoul John Njeng-Njeng, popularly known as Skales, was born on April 1 in Kaduna. The musician started his journey into the industry in 2000 as a rapper and songwriter; since then, he has worked with a long list of artistes and producers.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Exclusive:#Bringbackourgirls The unanswered questions

Things falling apart!!,The first lady Dame patience Jonathan claims she didn't arrest any protest leader.
Eyewitness confirms the protest leader was arrested pirior to the first lady warrant!!"
Boko haram claims responsibility for abducting children also claim they would sell them in the market..whose market??? Which market??
#Bringbackourgirls trending in virtually all over the world and not even a picture of one out of 300+ girls is seen!!
President Jonathan orders borno governor to bring back those girls alive but reports say some are Dead already
President Jonathan also liking the case of #Bringbackourgirls to the missing Malaysian plane,he forgot those girls are the leaders of Tomorrow!!
First lady films herself lamenting and crying over the missing girls;please would crying solve a thing???
CAN release list of Abducted girls;Mostly Christian's we avnt Even seen a picture of their parent all we know is that different NGO's are protesting
300+ girls kidnapped and the whole world seems silent about it maybe Y'all forgot the America Shooting that happened last year which claim about 10 students life's.It made Headlines for 3 straight months.
I think it's High Time there's a Revolution!"Crying,Blaming and pointing fingers won't's time Military forces,International Agencies,Children organization:UNICEF,Ecowas,UN all of them take important and urgent Actions!
This is a case of 300+ girls in Abduction in the hands of the Ruthless Islamic Sect "Boko Haram"...don't leave it into the hands of Nigeria government all they know or does best is to point Accusing Fingers at each other!!
Please let the Word Act Now.

Iyabo Obasanjo writes open letter to Boko haram

The former president daughter pen's down her views concering the National Security treath..Read her letter and share your views!

“The fact that you have taken arms against the
Nigerian state is no surprise. The question
should be why haven’t more young people
organised themselves against the state?
“Even the fact thatq your motto, ‘Against
Western Education’ is in a way reasonable given
the fact that your leader, martyred by the
Nigerian state had university education and
found no reasonable employment but had to
resort to thuggery for politicians to survive, as
the story goes.
“He, like millions of Nigerian young people and
college graduates, seeing a blighted future are
doing anything to survive.
“They have become opportunistic desperados,
almost sub‑human as the stepping on and
trampling on each other to death at the
Immigration employment debacle indicates.
‘Where you’re wrong’
“Where I think you have gotten it wrong are in
two areas, if you can pardon my giving you
some unsolicited advice.
“First, your victims are becoming more and
more the people you should be attracting to
your side. Take the Nyanya bus massacre.
“The people that live in Nyanya are usually the
clerks, messengers and other lowly office
workers that live out in relative slums
compared to the rest of Abuja and take public
transportation to work to receive monthly
salaries they barely get by on.
“Consult any written work of successful
revolutionaries be it French, Russian, Cuban or
even the more recent uprooting of communism
in Eastern Europe, to succeed you need the
people to be on your side. Right now you are
not achieving this.
“You are targeting the group you need most.
This does not make for a successful revolution
but you are making yourselves into nuisances
to the people and in the end while the state,
including its military machine may not be able
to conquer you, your downfall will be alienating
these potential allies, i.e. the oppressed and
“Secondly, the abduction of girls. It must be
hard to stay in the bush as all male
revolutionaries fending for yourselves with no
sexual gratification.
Cuban example
“But again, reading up on past bush
revolutionaries like the Cuban, for example,
indicates that they were able to convince some
women to go voluntarily with them into the
“Somehow, revolutionary zeal does not include
sexual abstinence and cooking and cleaning by
“Reading must be hard for you since you hate
education but the past is a good guide to the
future and if you can’t read, you are done for
in organizing or succeeding in most endeavours
as most things have been done before and
reading up on how it was done can only serve
as good guidance.
“The parents of the girls you abducted are just
trying to give their daughters a chance at
having successful lives. Without an education
there is very little anyone can achieve in this
early 21st century.
“I know living in the bush; it must still seem like
the dark ages but the truth is that even with the
lack of jobs and opportunities for young people
in Nigeria currently, it is still better to be
“An educated university graduate who was
selling food from a food cart ignited the Arab
Spring which was spread by use of the internet
which is hard to use if you are not educated.
“There are writings, videos and stuff you post
on the internet which I haven’t seen. But think
of it, you can only post and use the internet
because some of you have some education.
“But in the end you have no control over the
distribution of your advertising and recruiting
information because as you may know, the
internet is really part of the western system you
Why you’re succeeding
“The truth is that you have succeeded because
the Nigerian state has failed to provide jobs and
opportunity for its young people who you can
now easily recruit. By disrupting education, you
are adding to the burden of the people.
“You may say, but how about our religious
issue? Let the truth be told, just as there are
indigenous southern Muslims, there are
indigenous northern Christians even from your
epicentre in Borno State and just as you are
zealous for your religion, I don’t see them
giving up their religion either.
“The reasonable solution to this impasse would
be for you to advocate for everyone to be able
to practice their religion as they see fit with
respect for each other’s beliefs.
“Remember, a couple of centuries ago, all of
our ancestors below the Sahara were all
animists worshipping various ‘gods.’
“This ‘One God’ — us against them situation — is
a relatively recent one in our human history
and you will be advised to let the originators
fight it out and let your people be.”

Monday, 5 May 2014

Exclusive:First lady order Arrest of protest leader

A leader of a protest march for 276 missing schoolgirls says Nigeria's First Lady abused them, expressed doubts there was any kidnapping and accused them of belonging to the terrorist network blamed for the abductions. Then she ordered two of them arrested.

Saratu Angus Ndirpaya of Chibok town said State Security Service agents drove her and protest leader Naomi Mutah Nyadar to a police station Monday after an all-night meeting at the presidential villa in Abuja, the capital. She said Nyadar remains in detention. Police could not be reached for comment.

Ndirpaya says First Lady Patience Jonathan accused them of fabricating the abductions to give Nigeria's government and her husband "a bad name."
Now this is The question,Isn't she the one who's ought to lead the protest like she told us????
Isn't she the one saddened by the abduction or it's just make belief??
Now the Girls are in Captivity and their mama's too in Nigeria prison??
It's High time Youth of the Nation Act!!

Boko Haram Admit Abducting Chibok girls!!

Nigerian Islamist militant group Boko Haram says it carried out the abduction of hundreds of schoolgirls in April.

About 230 girls are still believed to be missing, prompting widespread criticism of the Nigerian government.

"I abducted your girls," Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau said in a video obtained by the AFP news agency.

Meanwhile, a woman who helped organize protests over the abduction has been detained, her fellow community leaders say

Sunday, 4 May 2014

#BringBackourgirls or Stop Deceiving Us!!..

Could these insight be true? Are there any sense at all
in them?
234 girls are missing and 234 is Nigeria's country there some coincidence?
I have been pondering over this kidnap issue and
something dont add up hence these questions.
The students are said to be SSS3 student writing
physics examination. But why are their names not yet
published by the school, state government and
Why are their pictures not over the news media?
How come all 234 students are in SSS3 and all came
to write physics examination when the total number
of students in the whole school are around 1200?
It was announced that the Borno states govt gave
N1m each to parents of the missing girls. If thats
true, why was this money given to these parents? Was
it as compensation for the kidnaps or compensation
for their deaths?
On Tuesday 29th April 2014, the senator from Borno
said in the senate that the girls had been taken out of
the country to Chad, Niger and Cameroon and
married off to their adoptors.
How come these senators know so much, who are
their informants?
Why is the wife of the state governor organising
women to pressure FG in Abuja after the National
Security Council has ordered the armed forces to use
all state resources to secure the release of the
adopted Girls?
I just wonder how 200+ girls can be kidnapped at
once. How come we havent seen those girls who they
said have escaped on tv?
If the SS3 students aren't up to 120 in a school of
1200, how is it possible 234 girls are missing?
Where are the school authorities?
We haven't seen any of them on tv.
Its time for all Nigerians start asking questions than
drawing to
conclusions. # DeadCurious#
"BringBackOurGirls" or were there
any Girls really missing?

Friday, 11 April 2014


SHE recently shared this picture....HIT OR MISS?

CHRIS Brown Enjoying Happy living in JAIL

smiling in jail....


Drake and Rihanna are together -- we know it, you know it, they know it -- yet they continue to the charade of separating in public ... this time sitting far apart during Wednesday night's Clippers game.

They seemed to wave and smile at each other during the game, and at one point just couldn't resist the temptation for a big hug -- otherwise .... they kept their distance.

It's also possible the two wanted to avoid the pressures of the KISS CAM ... where they would have been forced to smooch in front of an arena full of people.

Either way it's pretty ironic ... acting cool at the game, but earlier grinding on stage in front of 17,000 people.

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